Bio – Luke Hepburn

Luke Hepburn has been gaming since he was a young child, back when the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 were a thing. Luke got involved with some mates and due to his coding skills became a part-owner in an Australian Video Game Website called AussieXbox which later became multi-platform and changed its name to MyGEN. The video game website became so popular that it was behind some of Australia’s first professional console LANs. Luke would go on to run a number of official early e-sports tournaments for Xbox, Electronic Arts, THQ and others. Luke even partnered with the largest Australian Automotive event “AutoSalon” to bring esports and videogame culture to the event through what was called the GAME1 expo. Luke was also a reporter at many events including the special E3 Expo in Los Angeles. Luke now hosts and runs GdayGamers.com in an attempt to introduce his kids to what it takes to run something like this and create content for others.

Luke is passionate about community and even coaches Basketball. He has coached since he was 16 and coached many junior teams. Luke has also been the Championship Men’s Head Coach for the Penrith Panthers.

Further work-life stuff, Luke was a Finalist Award Winner for Young Professional of the year in 2009 in his role at DHL looking after complex 3PL systems in Logistics and supply chain. Later becoming the head of solution development at Toll, implementing their consumer delivery projects with things like Click and Collect and advanced home delivery technology. Luke gave it up to follow his passion in the community in December 2018, turning down a lot of cash to become the General Manager for the Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre. Luke was successful in advocating and then implementing a 1.2 million dollar grant for the facility.

Luke has dabbled in the startup world and has tried a few times to get an app developed pouring savings into it. Unfortunately Luke was never able to truly get it off the ground due to cash flow and development issues.

Lastly, Luke enjoys sitting on progressive boards and has been a board member for two organisations, once the chairperson.

Photos – Blast from the Past